By using this website or booking an escape game you agree to the following terms and conditions, all collaborations with Krono BV are subject to these terms and conditions.

“The company”, “we” or “us/our” always refers to Krono BV. ‘The customer’ always refers to the person or persons who play an escape game or reserve an escape game at Krono FV. Any reference to the website implies a reference to all URLs owned by Krono FV.


Reservations can be made online via the website (www.krono-escape.be), by telephone or by email. After booking you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Please note, the confirmation email occasionally ends up in the spam folder. In case of doubt, please contact info@krono-escape.be. When placing a booking you always agree to these Terms and Conditions.


Groups are expected to be present at the hour for which they have booked. After 15 minutes we cannot guarantee that the game can still be played, in order to avoid running out of the next session. If a group shows up late (more than 15 minutes) or does not show up, the reservation must still be paid. In this case, Krono BV reserves the right to issue an invoice, which will be collected by appropriate means if necessary.


Cancellation is only possible via info@krono-escape.be.
Cancellation is possible up to 72 hours before the start. After that, a refund is no longer possible.
By exception, it is possible to cancel at any time in the event that one of the group members shows symptoms of covid-19. Reimbursement always takes place in the form of a voucher, and not in cash.

Krono BV has the option to cancel or change the reservation at any time.


There are security cameras in the escape games. These cameras serve to monitor the game and keep an eye on things. The camera images are never saved.

At the end of the game a photo is taken of the entire group, this photo can be used by Krono BV on various media channels.


Krono BV keeps customer personal data for communications and promotions. Data will never be shared with third parties without your express permission. You can delete your data by sending an email to info@krono-escape.be.
The telephone number is only used in the context of a reservation, in order to be able to contact you quickly.


The participants of the game should never use force to solve a puzzle. In the event of excessive use of force causing damage, we are entitled to collect compensation for the repair costs.

Krono BV is not responsible for any accidents in and around the escape game.

The use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited in the escape game. Players under the influence, whose condition could cause damage to the game, may be refused without refund.

Smoking is forbidden.


Let’s keep the puzzles a secret from others, so that the experience remains exciting and fun for everyone.


Persons may participate in the activities from the age of 16. Children younger may also participate accompanied by an adult or after consultation with a staff member.

October 2022. These terms and conditions are subject to change.